M.I.A and Issues

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Hello everyone,

I would like to apologise for my recent absence, this was mainly due to no Internet and lack of funds to pay the bill (I love being a grown up :().

As much to my surprise both me and my dad were still in high spirits about the situation, I think it’s a good job we have a vast DVD collection.

HOWEVER….. On Monday my dad tried to overdose with sleeping tablets. This was the second time he had tried to take his life and now I feel totally drained. I am now going to bed each night wondering if he will be alive in the morning.

It’s getting to the point now were I am so angry I don’t want to live here anymore, I don’t want to put up with it. What do I do? I can’t just leave him, no one else would help but I can’t keep going on like this either.

Sorry this is off topic slightly but had to get this out somehow otherwise I think I would have exploded.

Hopefully I will be back on properly very soon and get back to what I love doing, design!

Steve ūüôā


I thought i would get round to making one and i think my mum would be proud of the name.

Steve ūüôā

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I guess it’s time i get down to the nitty gritty stuff of why i started blogging (other than Beth kicking by butt to do it ūüėČ ).

It was never something i thought i would take as serious as I have been, it was just a hobby to pass the time while I was out of work (swiveling on my chair for 8 hours was not bringing in any money). I knew the best platform to start was Photoshop  a few friends at the time were using it and showed me the basics but when i got my own version i was looking at it with a blank mind.

Frustrated with not knowing what i was doing and constantly asking friends and annoying them, i decided to look on¬†YouTube¬†(everything’s¬†on¬†YouTube). After following a few tutorials I finally produced my first couple of projects.


You may notice my early work, i have¬†fixated on the work “patch”. ¬†A couple of years before¬†this my hair started falling out so… Yep you guessed it, so i decided to turn this negative into a positive and this was originally going to become a company name.

After a couple of months i felt more¬†confident in my¬†Photoshop¬†skills and wanted to make it more than just a hobby, i wanted a career out of this, it’s what i woke up in the morning and starting, even before coffee!

I knew i had 2d designs sorted but i wanted to go further and try my hand at 3d design so i looked online and found an exceptional 3d modelling tool, cinema 4d. This opened a whole new world so again i went straight back to YouTube ( I have trouble learning at a set pace and found these tutorials a god send).

pokeball diamond2


I am constantly still learning even some basics but this was only meant to be something to pass the time, just a bit of fun, i have no art experience ( i can barely draw a straight line with a ruler) it was only because i was browsing the interweb i came across some Photoshop projects. I know hope to take this passion to the next level and make a career out of it.

More designs will follow, comments and opinions greatly valued.

Steve ūüôā


Please Help Find Nichole

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I mentioned in my last post that I sadly lost my mother last year, she was the sort of person who would enter a room and instantly meet and gain new friends. She was always joking and very sarcastic (which is a trait i have inherited very proudly)  Despite being 3 inches taller of vertically challenged, she was a very big influence in my life. Always pushing me to do better and was very proud of what i had taught myself with my graphic design.

On the day of the funeral my sister had found a poem that summed up my mums new journey and how she would always be with us. It is a story of a dragonfly.

I have taken the basis of the poem and used it as my starting point for the changes in my life. If you have read the poem you will know what i’m referring to, if not please see below.

I wanted to share this more serious part of me with you and hopefully allows you to realize that life pulls you in all different directions but never stops.


Steve ūüôā

steve (2)

Where do i begin! I suppose you will notice I have never attempted blogging before nor learnt how to spell the word “world” (yes the¬†URL¬†is wrong and meant to be world not wirld) but lets not get bogged down with how special I am.

My name is Steve, I’m 27 and currently looking after my Father after losing my Mother to liver¬†disease. For the past 15 months I have been studying graphic and motion design via the use of¬†YouTube¬†(who knew their was more than “cats do the funniest thing” on there).

I wont go rambling on in my first blog so I will keep it short and sweet, it’s time to make changes in my life and feel the best way to do this is to express my thoughts and feelings as well as show my¬†talents to the world (see I can spell it right).


Please feel free to comment and tips, likes and dislikes as opinions are valued.

Steve ūüôā